With Trichord’s HDMF technology any digital image can be reproduced on to a wide variety of substrates, enabling product designers to create their own visuals or use existing imagery from photographs or scans. The process can decorate highly complex 3D parts and can even wrap around angles e.g. a pair of shoes or a crash helmet. Registration i.e. ensuring the image is placed precisely where it is required, is vitally important which is why Trichord’s technology is used by the worlds largest sun glasses manufacturer to decorate their frames as we have to be accurate to within 0.4mm.



Trichord are able to offer mass production systems, fulfilment, design and full technical support to multinational companies. We have a wealth of experience in supplying our 3D personalisation/customisation surface decoration systems tailored to suit the individual requirements of our customers. From our head office in the UK and through our sales and fulfilment operations we can provide full supply and support across the world. Our long established supply chain provides high quality and competitively priced consumables for in-house or outsourced production. Working closely with our customers and through our technical expertise and on-going support we can provide bespoke solutions that meet their requirements and ensure successful delivery of the end product.



Increasingly businesses are looking for solutions to allow for “Just in Time “manufacturing and, in some cases how to address the challenges of personalisation/customisation of their products. Trichord’s technology is well positioned to help in these particular areas. Trichord’s technology is highly profitable, our main goal is to help to expand manufacturers profit margins. e.g. one of our 900 x 500 machines can produce over 500 iPhone covers per hour or roughly 90,000 shoes per year


If you want to have a sample of your product decorated with an image of your choice contact us at: enquiries@trichord.eu

Trichord Surface Finishing